Eat my shorts 4

Cine 3 - 17/04/2020 - 20:30


Festival 2020 cancelled.

EAT MY SHORTS 4 (International Short Films)

Beware of still water, that’s all we’re going to say… Well ok, also beware of Finnish forests (when you see a Finn in a film he’s either crazy or seriously fucked up), beware of suitcases and, if you’re a siren, beware of Mexicans (remember the success of ULISES last year).


Sami Mustonen / 23’ / Finland / 2019 / Cast : Saara Runtti, Tuomas Kinnunen / Contact : Sami Mustonen / Belgian Premiere

The story of a silenced, young girl and her journey after the loss of her father, through the ancient Finnish backwoods and wilderness.

Hitte (Heat)

Thessa Meijer / 3’ / The Netherlands / 2019 / Cast : Famke Louise, Daniël Kolf / Contact : Thessa Meijer / Belgian Premiere

During an extreme heat wave, a shy girl seeks refuge in an ice cream shop. But when she looks into the eyes of the charming vendor, she is on thin ice.


Tony Radevski / 18’ / Australia / 2019 / Cast : Zen McGrath, Bernie Van Tiel / Contact : Tony Radevski / European Premiere

A stray teen must quickly learn the rules of survival in a strange floating drug world.

Sous la mousse (Under the lather)

Olivier Briand / 14’ / France / 2020 / Cast : Lysandre Robic, Hélène Vienne, Glenn Marausse Samantha Peny / Contact : Capricci / International Premiere

Give him a bath just before going to bed. It relaxes him.


Juan Carlos Mostaza / 18’ / Spain / 2019 / Cast : Mariam Hernández, Javier Pereira / Contact : Yaq Distibucion

Amandine dreams of living inside a suitcase that is too small. Oscar will do anything to make her dream come true.

Black Water

Fernando Szurman / 8’ / Argentina / 2019 / Cast : Verónica Intile / Contact : Szurman Films / Belgian Premiere

Ursula arrives to an old house from a distant relative, she will there discover a mysterious book written in a strange language that will transform her from within, as she crawls out of this reality.


Mateo Miranda / 14’ / Mexico / 2019 / Cast : Gilberto Alanis, Helena Puig / Contact : Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, A.C. / European Premiere

A musician follows a melodious song through the forest that leads him into a river where a majestic creature lives, this encounter will create an obsession in him.

Shucky Darn

Katie Graham & Andrew Matthews / 11’ / United States / 2019 / Cast : Mark Reeb, Annalee Jeffries & Justin Arnold / Contact : Katie Graham & Andrew Matthews / International Premiere

It’s the end of the world, and the best-laid plans of this Texas pie-eating champ are about to go ridiculously awry.

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