Eat my shorts 2021 – 4


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EAT MY SHORTS 4 (International Short Films)

We start this last selection with a bit of Bronski Beat in the sympathetic post-apocalyptic tale The Archivists. But we’re also going to laugh our ass off with Heat, Plants, Monster and Rock & Roll and the wacky Belgian crime comedy CDD: Corpus Crisis. The pure horror of Strange Calm and Beyond The Skin provides a fitting coda to this collection of shorts.

The Archivists

Igor Drljaca / 14’ / Canada / 2020 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Noah Reid, Bahia Watson, Maxwell McCabe-Lokos / International Premiere / Contact: La Distributrice de films

In a dystopian future, a trio of musicians discover a degraded vinyl record and attempt to reimagine one of its songs.


Thessa Meijer / 3’ / The Netherlands / 2019 / Cast : Famke Louise, Daniël Kolf / Contact : Thessa Meijer / Belgian Premiere

During an extreme heat wave, a shy girl seeks refuge in an ice cream shop. But when she looks into the eyes of the charming vendor, she is on thin ice.


David Mikalson / 14’ / USA / 2020 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Nicola Lambo, Davey Johnson, Tara Dininno / Belgian Premiere / Contact: David Mikalson

A gymnastics coach must deal with a man that has taken an interest in the young girls she coaches.

A Strange Calm

Austin Rourke / 15’ / USA / 2019 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Giovanna Bush, Jacob Sandler, Price Carson / Belgian Premiere / Contact: American Film Institute

When 12-year-old Rosie and Miles encounter a strange man on the 4th of July, their journey to watch the fireworks on the outskirts of town becomes an unexpected fight for survival.

Beyond the Skin

Hugo Dao / 19’ / France / 2020 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: David Salles, Georges Slowick, Tony Bodin / Belgian Premiere / Contact: Hugo Dao

Eric is a butcher. Recently divorced, his wife has filed a restraining order for alleged domestic violence, forbidding him to see his son. Since then, a strange wound has appeared on his arm and is beginning to spread through the rest of his body.

One Left

Sebastian Doringer / 6’ / Austria / 2020 / OV.BIL ST / Belgian Premiere / Contact: Distribution with glasses

Several patients are waiting in a doctor’s office to hear test results regarding their remaining lifetimes. In most cases, the allotted time is not as long as they had hoped for.

Plants, monsters and rock & roll

Edu Marín / 14’ / Spain / 2020 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Albert Bufill, Guim Puig, Judit Ampudia / World Premiere / Contact: Gerard Vidal

When Leo, a guy full of insecurities, turns the love of his life into a fearsome monster, he must do everything in his power to return her to normal.

CDD : Corpus Crisis

M. Tikal / 24’ / Belgium / 2020 / OV.BIL ST/ Cast: Jérôme Villain, M. Tikal, Eric Godon, Xavier Hosten, Stanislao Mannu, Frédéric Diefenthal / Contact: M. Tikal

Two young students are desperate to work. To do so, they are hired by a local kingpin as “cleaners”, but nothing is going to go down as expected!
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