Eat my shorts 2021 – 3


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EAT MY SHORTS 3 (International Short Films)

Eat my shorts number 3 could be called an exercise in style. We have an adaptation of a song with A Tale Best Forgotten, a movie in which the characters play with the subtitles (Ad Lib) and high octane scifi adventures with Carmentis and Today. All of this topped off with a piece of post-apocalyptic fiction (Narrow), of which its director/lead actress’ name should ring a bell with you.


Anthony Webb / 15’ / Australia / 2019 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Ben Mortley, Adriane Daff/ Belgian Premiere / Contact: Ouat Media

A grief-stricken miner finds himself injured on the desolate planet Carmentis and must overcome his personal demons in order to survive, but can he get there before the planet freezes?


Anna Chazelle / 10’ / USA / 2019 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Anna Chazelle, Matthew Gallenstein, Maia Henkin / European Premiere / Contact: Anna Chazelle

In a post-apocalyptic world where survival means never stepping off a thin narrow path, a lone woman must evade a creature who stalks her every move.

Ad Lib

Joseph Catté / 11’ / France / 2020 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Thomas Alden, Pauline Helly, Nouritza Emmanuelian / Belgian Premiere / Contact: Joseph Catté

Max and Julie are very much in love. Julie is rather jealous but Max knows nobody’s perfect. Certainly not himself. ‘Ad Lib’ is a romantic drama in the world of karaoke. A story of appearances.

Red Light

Alex Kahuam / 10’ / USA / 2020 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Ted Raimi, Brian Krause / Belgian Premiere / Contact: Alex Kahuam

Rule Number One … No Screaming.

We Came From the Sea

Jeremy Lutter / 15’ / Canada / 2020 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Chad Rook, Cadence Compton / Belgian Premiere / Contact: Jeremy Lutter

Einar, an addict recently abandoned by his wife and five year-old daughter. As he fights to go clean in their ocean side home, Einar is haunted by an uninvited stranger.

Pickup Artist

Mario Alexander Schuster / 3’ / Germany / 2020 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Kevin Thiel, Fee Zweipfennig, Manuel Nero / Belgian Premiere / Contact: Mario Alexander Schuster

A short horror comedy about the art of “how to pick up girls”.

A Tale Best Forgotten

Tomas Stark / 5’ / Sweden / 2020 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Julia Sporre, Adam Stålhammar, Ola Wallinder / Belgian Premiere / Contact: Tomas Stark

In a house by a river that lamented as it ran, lived a father, and his daughter, and the dog-headed man… A murder ballad.


Ángela Tobón / 19’ / Colombia / 2020 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Juana Restrepo, Alonso Uribe / European Premiere / Contact: Máquina Espía Ficción

Aurelio (72) is the lifesaver in a parallel world where people in coma go. Esther (67) arrives at the pool and joins a group of people who train for a competition, the winner will return to life with their families.


Andrew Jaksch / 20’ / Australia / 2021 / OV.BIL ST/ Cast: Tom Farrah, Jessica Tanner, Tim Clarke / European Premiere / Contact: Andrew Jaksch

Is Tomorrow beyond the Void?
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