Eat my shorts 2021 – 1


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EAT MY SHORTS 1 (International Short Films)

Our first selection of international shorts is a riveting overview of genre cinema’s big themes. Between the dystopia of Nuage, the James Bond parody Mr James is Dead and the horror of The Painted and Inferno, there are more than enough goodies for genre buffs.


Joséphine Darcy Hopkins / 27’ / France / 2020 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Cypriane Gardin, Solène Rigot, Catherine Salée/ International Premiere / Contact: Joséphine Darcy Hopkins

Three women hit the road as they try to escape a radioactive cloud of ashes.


Phillip Trow / 17’ / UK / 2020 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Iain De Caestecker, Sorcha Groundsell, Luke Newberry/ World Premiere / Contact: Upstairs Production

Don’t go upstairs.


Katherine Chediak Putnam / 16’ / Australia / 2020 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Sam Cotton, Keiran McGinley, Karen Pudlyk / European Premiere / Contact: Sway Film

When a family man tears down the remains of his burned-out childhood home in attempt to bury his family’s tragic past, he finds himself tormented by something sinister uncovered in the demolition.

The Painted

Sasha Sibley / 11’ / USA / 2020 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Mike Ossedryver, Jill Young, Victoria Strange/ Belgian Premiere/ Contact: Sasha Sibley

A man undertakes a dangerous ritual in an attempt to save his ailing wife.

Wake Up

Quentin Porte / 2’ / France / 2020 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Benoît Gunalons, Jules Nouvel / World Premiere / Contact: Quentin Porte

In the middle of the night, a young child calls his father to be reassured. But will his father be up to it?

Last Dream Before Sunrise

Tom Albanese / 11’ / USA / 2020 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Marian Frizelle, Jean Charles, Lucas Royalty / International Premiere / Contact: Mad Hat Entertainment

A grieving woman travels to an isolated cabin with a strange power.

The Water

Andrea Dargenio / 14’ / Argentina / 2019 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Nicolás Maiques, Jorge Booth, Claudio Lauria / Belgian Premiere / Contact: Agencia Freak

A man wakes up in a world where water has disappeared, however, everyone acts like nothing happened.

Mr James is Dead

Daniel Irving & Josh Aries / 15’ / Canada / 2020 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Dan Payne, Peter Hoskins, Francisco Trujillo, Donovan Ahmadi Gammon/ European Premiere / Contact: Travelling Distribution

Tom attends his estranged father’s funeral only to find out that his father had been a spy all along, and his funeral is filled with spy villains from all shapes and sizes from his past.