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Lee-young is Korea’s reigning diving diva. She does not give her rivals any chance and piles up one golden medal after another. Su-jin, her childhood friend and teammate for the synchronous dive, has remained in her shadow all this time without any complaints. But this beautiful relationship meets a brutal end with a dive of an entirely different nature. Their car tumbles off a steep cliff into the sea. When Lee-young regains consciousness in the hospital, she remembers nothing of the accident. And Su-jin is missing. There’s no body or trace to be found of her. After a while, the champion starts training again to forget what she cannot remember. But her subconscious begs to disagree. Her dazzling dives transform into nightmarish confrontations with her inner demons, who relish Faustian pacts in the search for perfection. The cutthroat competition, the countless sacrifices and the urge to go at any lengths to be the best are taking their toll. In this sense, you could consider DIVA to be the aquatic version of BLACK SWAN, in which the reflection of the water replaces the mirror.

Year 2020
Director Seul-yeah Jo
Cast Min-a Shin & You-young Lee
Distributor MegaboxJoongAng PLUS M
Genre(s) horror, mystery
Audience CNA
Running time 84'
Country South Korea
Audio Korean
Subtitles EN, FR, NL
Premiere European Premiere
Production OAL Co., Ltd
World Sales Finecut Co., Ltd.