Cine 2 - 06/09/2022 - 14:00


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Okay, Belgians rarely say anything good about the Dutch. In this case however, we can only applaud this fascinating documentary about our friend Dick Maas. Together with Paul Verhoeven, he is probably the best-known Dutch film director. The cheekiest too. And the sharpest, when we talk about his ability to anticipate the audience’s expectations and to deliver 100% unafraid and unashamed entertainment. We know every one of his blockbusters (THE LIFT and AMSTERDAMNED to name just two) and FLODDER is engraved in our collective memory. We discover his creed – “the sky is the limit” – through unique archive footage. Block all the canals in Amsterdam to film the craziest and most dangerous chase scene ever filmed up to that point? Sure, Dick will do that. When he’s told that it’s impossible to release a lion in the middle of the city for PREY, his only response is: oh really? Dick Maas is not only a visual genius, his audacity has paved the way for many other ambitious directors. This hour and a half fly-on-the-wall look at a larger-than-life career is a real lesson in cinema. A unique method, that Dick Maas method!
We would have loved to invite him last year, but that would’ve look pretty silly at a completely online BIFFF edition. That’s why we’re bringing back this fascinating documentary, to enjoy in a real theater and in the presence of Dick Maas himself!

Year 2020
Director Jeffrey De Vore
Cast Jan Doense,
Tamara Vosmaer & Jeffrey De Vore
Distributor Film Events
Genre(s) documentary
Audience ENA
Running time 97'
Country Netherlands
Audio Dutch
Subtitles EN / FR
Premiere Retro
Production Film Events / Meraki Content Agency
World Sales Film Events