Cine 1 - 03/09/2022 - 16:30


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Su Huan-jen is a young prodigy who has not only mastered martial arts better than Jackie Chan, but who’s also a renowned doctor. His sole flaw is that he compulsively reads and borrows books without ever returning them on time. The result? He has a monumental tab at the local bookstore. And when he is given the opportunity to restore his financial health with his healing talents, Su doesn’t hesitate for a second. But this small service will plunge him into the heart of an epic battle between two rival clans, where the average lifespan flirts with that of a barrel of beer at the Belgian National Holiday…
Six years after the screening of THE ARTI: THE ADVENTURE BEGINS, the incredible Taiwanese puppets are back! A centuries-old tradition that continues to be perpetuated thanks to the Huang family, whose “budaixi” on the big screen is a visual fest with the precision of a Swiss watch. Speaking of Switzerland, DEMIGOD has just won the award for best Asian film from our friends at the NIFFF, after having exploded the home country’s box-office. We’ve even had word of Pinocchio applying for a work visa in Taiwan, just so you know…

Year 2022
Director Chris Huang Wen Chang
Cast None
Distributor Spectrum Films
Audience ENA
Running time 103'
Country Taiwan
Audio Hokkien
Subtitles EN / FR / NL
Premiere Belgian
Production Pili International Multimedia Co., Ltd.
World Sales Flash Forward Entertainment Co., Ltd.