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We’re certain we’re not the only ones who are a bit nostalgic for the sort of concise, thrilling B-movie schlock the 50’s had in seemingly endless supply: THE FLY, THE BLOB, CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON… Like David Cronenberg for example, or John Carpenter! And director Tyler Russell too, judging by this gooey little bugger. His ode to pus-filled cysts perfectly captures the aesthetic of a bygone era (warm, bright colors, close-ups…) and clocks in at a swift, action-packed hour. The set-up is simple: Dr. Guy has made a bit of a name for himself in the cyst-removal business; not particularly glorious, but hey, someone’s got to do the dirty work. He’s not satisfied though. He’s been slaving for years on a machine that will revolutionize the cyst-busting field forever. But he never seems to get it right. Today it’s his last chance to impress the patent committee by demonstrating his machine on a particularly nasty abscess. If only he could have foreseen the even nastier side effects… Russell assembled a cast that reads as a who’s who in cult B-movie history: mad scientist Dr. Guy is portrayed by George Hardy, the dentist-turned-actor who quickly turned dentist again after TROLL 2, Eva Habermann (TROLLS WORLD, the remake of TROLL 2), Greg “Oh hi Mark!” Sestero (THE ROOM)… The main draw though? The awesome, old school, CGI-less practical effects!

Year 2020
Director Tyler Russell
Cast George Hardy,
Eva Habermann & Greg Sestero
Distributor Raven Banner Entertainment
Genre(s) horror, science-fiction
Audience CNA
Running time 73'
Country USA
Audio English
Subtitles FR & NL
Premiere Belgian Premiere
Production Fantom Film
World Sales Raven Banner Entertainment