Color Out of Space

Cine 1 - 19/04/2020 - 20:00


Festival 2020 cancelled.

After years in the wilderness, cult director Richard Stanley (HARDWARE, DUST DEVIL) is finally back with an exciting Lovecraft adaptation. It has always been his dream to adapt Lovecraft to the big screen – not very surprising, coming from a guy who sleeps with a Cthulu toy next to him every night, we’re not making this up! – and he succeeds with flying otherwordly colors! That he was able to get Nicolas Cage for the leading role is a small miracle in itself! Cage is the pater familias in the Spielbergian sense. He keeps the peace in his harmoniously average American family, who also happen to take care of a couple of alpacas. Alpacas? Huh, never seen those in a Spielberg flick! But of course their calm existence is going to be shaken by some very strange events… Cage gives a great, colorful performance, but the alpacas almost – just almost – steal his thunder in a THE THING-like  fashion. Stanley has said that if COLOR OUT OF SPACE is a box-office success, he’s going to film two more Lovecraft stories, each of ‘m more cosmically apocalyptic as the last. So, you know what to see!


Year 2019
Director Richard Stanley
Cast Nicolas Cage,
Joely Richardson,
Madeleine Arthur
Distributor Splendid Film
Genre(s) horror, science-fiction, surreal
Audience CNA
Running time 111'
Country USA
Audio O.V.
Subtitles BIL. ST
Premiere Belgian Premiere
Competition(s) none