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After his wife died in a car-crash, architect Sang-won decides to move to the countryside with his 11-year daughter Yi-na for some peace and quiet. But his workaholic ethic stands firmly in the way of a fresh start with his traumatized offspring. Things go from bad to worse between father and daughter and one day Sang-won comes home to an empty house. Despite numerous appeals in the media and intensive search actions by the police, not a trace is found of Yi-na. Some journalists even seem to think he’s behind the disappearance of his own child. And then a man shows up at his door, suggesting that Sang-won takes a look inside his daughter’s closet… What we revealed here is only the start of a terrific nightmare that contains all the necessary ingredients to make horror-fans drool: exorcisms, demons, monsters, Asian legends, jump scares by the dozen and a story that doesn’t waste time to come to the point and unleash the goodies. THE CLOSET might be the start of a new franchise in the vein of POLTERGEIST or INSIDIOUS. And that with a myth that is as timeless as it is frightening: the monster in the closet.

Year 2020
Director Kwang-bin Kim
Cast Jung-woo Ha,
Nam-gil Kim & Yul Heo
Distributor CJ Entertainment
Genre(s) horror
Audience CNA
Running time 97'
Country South Korea
Audio Korean
Subtitles EN, FR, NL
Premiere Belgian Premiere
Production Moonlight Film / Perfect Storm Film
World Sales
Competition(s) Critics Selection, International Competition