Bring me home



Six years of looking for your missing son Yoon-soo and on top of that your husband suddenly dies in a horrible car crash… Nope, mom-in-distress Jung-yeon is not in a happy place. But her luck seems to take a turn for the better when she gets word of a boy living at a fishing spot on a remote island, a boy who’s apparently the spitting image of her long lost son. She decides to go check for herself in the hope of bringing her child back to Seoul but the crude local fishermen are not too pleased with a nosy city-dweller mingling in their affaires… and evidently, all hell breaks loose! If you’d ask BRING ME HOME the question ‘how is Korean society doing?’ the answer would probably be: not too well! Corrupt cops, violent kooks and remorseless child smugglers are all part of first-time director Seung-woo Kim’s pitch-black thriller in which the only thing that might stand a chance against the all-consuming darkness is a mother’s love for her child. But not just any mother! Yeong-ae Lee takes on her first film role since SYMPATHY FOR LADY VENGEANCE in 2005. Or how after many years of searching we finally re-unite with an actress we considered long lost…

Year 2019
Director Seung-woo Kim
Cast Young-ae Lee,
Chea-myung You,
Hae-jun Park & Won-keun Lee
Distributor Warner Bros. Korea
Genre(s) drama, thriller
Running time 108'
Country South Korea
Audio Korean
Subtitles EN, FR, NL
Production 26 Company
World Sales