Bloody hell

Cine 1 - 18/04/2020 - 20:30


Festival 2020 cancelled.

We’ve woken up in a lot of different places after a night at the BIFFF, but never chained up in a Finnish basement with a sawed off leg… but that’s exactly what happens to Rex Coen. Needless to say it’s not how he’d imagined his trip would go. He just wanted a break. You may not have heard of him, but in his home state of Idaho he gets as much buzz as Brad Pitt in underpants or Kim and Kanye in a fast-food restaurant. After a stint in jail for going all yippee-ki-yay motherfucker on a couple of robbers in a local bank office, he’s as much adored as he is despised, with his face on the front page of every newspaper. Frankly, that’s not what he had in mind for his quiet welcome back party with friends and family, so he decides to get away from it all… by playing darts. And the arrow of Fate lands on… Finland! We know since 2008’s SAUNA, and soon Rex too will know, that the Finnish are not only violently deadpan, they’re simply violent. SAW with a sense of humor, John Wick stuck in a horror film from the same producer of SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD (Golden Raven BIFFF 2017). Oh bloody hell!   

Year 2020
Director Alister Grierson
Cast Ben O'Toole,
Meg Fraser,
Caroline Craig,
Matthew Sunderland,
Travis Jeffery,
Jack Finsterer
Distributor Hel of a Time Pty Ltd. /Entertainment Advocate Pty Ltd.
Genre(s) black comedy , horror
Audience CNA
Running time 95'
Country Australia, USA
Audio O.V.
Subtitles BIL. ST
Premiere World Premiere
Competition(s) International Competition