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Does two minutes count as time travel? According to this film, it sure does! Kato lives above the café he own and plays in a local band. One day, his computer screen starts to speak to him. No, it’s not an I, ROBOT-computers-gone-rogue kinda way. It’s Kato himself, who says that he’s him, but two minutes into the future. And if he goes downstairs to the TV screen in his café, he will see the Kato from two minutes in the past doing the exact same thing as present Kato was doing. Anyway, he’s a bit overwhelmed – like, who wouldn’t be – but he soon realizes that he has discovered a wormhole in time! His nosey friends soon get wind of this too and want to capitalize on it (always a great idea) in their own clumsy way. BEYOND THE INFINITE TWO MINUTES is a delightfully light hearted flick shot in one take about five innocent heartwarming friends who discover the art of time traveling!

Year 2020
Director Junta Yamaguchi
Cast Kazunari Tosa & Aki Asakura
Distributor Tollywood
Genre(s) comedy, time travel
Running time 70'
Country Japan
Audio Japanese
Subtitles EN, FR, NL
Premiere International Premiere
Production Tollywood
World Sales Nikkatsu Corporation
Competition(s) Critics Selection, White Raven Competition

Japan Foundation 2019