Belgian Fantastic Short Films 2021


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Once again this year’s Belgian short film competition shows the richness and diversity of our national genre cinema. With promising student films, but also with familiar names such as Xavier Seron, Michiel Blanchart or Bruno Du Bois (who moved to New Zealand, where he worked on titles such as The Hobbit, Mortal Engines, Jumbo by our Méliès jury member Zoé Wittock and the Avatar sequel), we can only look forward to a promising Belgian movie future.

The scent of a forest

Servaes Dewispelaere / 21’ / Belgium / 2020 / Cast : Eliza Stuyck, Luca Persan / Contact : / Servaes Dewispelaere

Two lovers try to keep their relationship alive in a dystopian world where people sell their souls in order to escape reality.


Jerome Peters / 14’ / Belgium / 2020 / Cast : Jean-luc Couchard, Didier Colfs, Jan Debski / Contact : Distribution with glasses

A family of farmers comes across a stranger with a peaceful message. The problem is that they don’t like visitors…

Old Born

Jordan De Deken / 21’ / Belgium / 2020 / Cast : Kimke Desart, Céline Timmerman, Tim Van Der Donck / Contact : Jordan De Deken

Dawa is a girl born in a apathetic society of faceless creatures. She ventures out of the village to discover the limits of her world.



Jessica Raes / 10’ / Belgium / 2021 / Cast : Sim Meavorn, Casey Meavorn / Contact : Storyvision

A celtic stop-motion animation fable: While the clan chief is dying by the arrow of a rivaling clan, he gives his daughter the quest to make peace with that tribe.



Xavier Seron / 20’ / Belgium / 2020 / Cast : Jean Le Peltier, Martin Verset, Youri Dirkx / Contact : Xavier Seron

Tom forgot to take his son Sam to his guitar class. Quickly, he starts the car, goes back. SQUISH…


Nicole Tegelaar / 14’ / Belgium / 2020 / Cast : Celine Verbeeck, Phedra Vandenbergh, Caroline Stas / Contact : Nicole Tegelaar

When Lily wakes up in a surreal cosmetic clinic with someone else’s lips on her face, she is determined to find out what happened to her. A colourful, stylized trip with killer lipstick.


Bruno du Bois / 15’ / New Zealand/Belgium / 2020 / Cast : Laura Thompson, John Bach, Shane Rangi / Contact : Bruno du Bois

In 2032, Zealandia is the only virus free country left on earth at a high cost to its population. Could the bag carried by a fearless woman entering the country be the downfall of this oppressive state?

T’es Morte Hélène

Michiel Blanchart / 24 / Belgium / 2020 / Cast : Théophile Mou, Lucile Vignolles, Maylis Dumon / Contact : Daylight Films

She was the love of his life… Now he is the love of her death.

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