Awarded Short Films


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Here are the winners of our various short film competitions and selections. First of all T’ES MORTE HÉLÈNE gobbled up all the Prizes in our Belgian competition and simply became essential viewing at our 2021 edition. Up next, THE LAST MARRIAGE won the Silver Méliès of the European Competition. This short will represent the BIFFF in October in Sitges in the battle for the Golden Méliès. Finally the Audience Award of the International Selection went to HORRORSCOPE, a delicious parody on horror movie clichés.

Belgian short compétition

T’es Morte Hélène

Michiel Blanchart / 24 / Belgium / 2020 / Cast : Théophile Mou, Lucile Vignolles, Maylis Dumon / Contact : Daylight Films

She was the love of his life… Now he is the love of her death.

European Short Films Competition

The Last Marriage

Gustav Egerstedt & Johan Tappert / 16’ / Sweden / 2020 / Cast : Emma Molin, Christopher Wagelin / Contact : Gustav Egerstedt

A comedy about how everyday life continues even after the global zombie apocalypse has struck.

Audience Award


Pol Diggler / 5’ / Spain / 2019 / OV.BIL ST / Cast: Clàudia Trujillo, Miriam Marcet, Morgan Symes, Josep Rigo Reventós / Contact: Yaq Distribucion

An ordinary schoolgirl’s life unravels after an evil creature takes over her body.
Audience CNA