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Do you remember those Facebook-parties that got out of hand when an open invitation resulted in thousands of partygoers in someone’s backyard? Well, in ANTHING FOR JACKSON we’re faced with a similar mess. But the famous social network has been replaced by… the Necronomicon. Henry and Audrey are two adorable grandparents who never got over the accidental death of their beloved grandson Jackson. Instead of applying for grief counselling, they decide to join the local chapter of Satanists Anonymous. Because grandpa and grandma are prepared to do anything for Jackson. And if that means kidnapping a pregnant woman and invoking the devil, so be it. But they should have consulted the cursed book for possible side effects. The devil rarely travels alone and his fellow travelers are a bit intrusive to say the least. Director Justin G. Dyck only needed a 5 minute pitch to convince his future producer. The next morning, ANYTHING FOR JACKSON already went in preproduction. We could sell the movie as a mix between SHAUN OF THE DEAD and HELLRAISER, but that wouldn’t do justice to its originality. Just you watch, but don’t forget to check under your couch before you press Play!

Year 2020
Director Justin G. Dyck
Cast Sheila McCarthy,
Julian Richings,
Konstantina Mantelos,
Josh Cruddas & Yannick Bisson
Distributor Vortex Media
Genre(s) horror
Audience CNA
Running time 97'
Country Canada
Audio English
Subtitles EN, FR, NL
Premiere Belgian Premiere
Production Vortex Productions
World Sales Vortex International