Cine 2 - 07/09/2022 - 16:30


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With elections approaching, an overzealous American governor plays the infamous zero tolerance card by deciding to arrest all the children of illegal immigrants. It doesn’t matter if they are fully integrated, destined for a bright future or even proud to consider themselves Americans. They have the misfortune of being Latino. Once they’re caged and dressed in what might just as well be recycled Guantanamo Bay stock, they are nonetheless offered an alternative: volunteering at a brand new nursing home for the elderly… JP is one of those who takes the deal. Besides, he has always had his heart on his sleeve. Helping an old lady cross the street? Totally his thing! Except that these old folks are not cut from the same cloth. Completely psychotic and pathological, these residents symbolize a secret even more terrifying than the fascist abyss into which the Star-Spangled Banner is plunging…

After guns, abortion rights and the undisguised threat to gay rights, we don’t know if we should classify this film as “documentary” or “fiction”. In any case, AMERICAN CARNAGE has crazy sex appeal for any genre fan, with an equally star-spangled cast that brings together all the rising figures of Hollywood and many references to the Olympus of fantastic cinema. No, we’re not going to name the titles, that would be too obvious for your melting brains. Well okay, just two clues: Jordan Peele and Charlton Heston…

Year 2022
Director Diego Hallivis
Cast Jorge Lendeborg Jr.,
Jenna Ortega,
Allen Maldonado,
Bella Ortiz,
Jorge Diaz,
Yumarie Morales,
Catherine McCafferty,
Eric Dane & Brett Cullen
Distributor WTFilms
Genre(s) horror, near future
Audience ENA
Running time 100'
Country USA
Audio English
Subtitles FR / NL
Premiere International
Production Xolo Productions
World Sales WTFilms
Competition(s) International