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Take your time reading the following sentence, you may have to re-read it again: Bus drivers from Dorset decide to put Alien on stage for charity. Can you imagine? A team of extremely sympathetic amateurs – however unable to remember their lines – will invest an entire year to create a papier-mâché version of the Nostromo, a silicone facehugger moved by fishing rods and astronaut suits with Salvation Army chutes. The local premiere is a real disaster and should have made this a one-time-only event. But fate intervenes and gives them the opportunity to put their Alien on stage in the theater Walhalla of London’s Westend… This is a unique documentary, which proves that “being in the right place at the right time” can have extraordinary consequences. ALIEN ON STAGE is a feel-good trip you should not miss. You’ll not only find the atmosphere of the BIFFF, you’ll get tears in your eyes, cramp in our cheeks and an intense feeling of contentment that won’t fade away any time soon!

Year 2020
Director Lucy Harvey & Danielle Kummer
Cast Dave Mitchell,
Luc Hayward,
Ray Hayward,
Peter Lawford & Amie Wells
Distributor Danielle Kummer & Lucy Harvey
Genre(s) documentary
Audience CNA
Running time 86'
Country UK
Audio English
Subtitles EN, FR, NL
Premiere European Premiere
Production Fool For Love Films