Cine 2 - 08/09/2022 - 14:00


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Take your time reading the following sentence; you may have to re-read it again: Bus drivers from Dorset decide to put Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic ALIEN on stage for charity. Can you imagine? A team of extremely nice amateurs – though unable to remember their lines – will invest an entire year to create a papier-mâché version of the Nostromo, a silicone face hugger moved by fishing rods and astronaut suits with Salvation Army chutes. The local premiere is a real disaster and should have made this a one-time-only event. But fate intervenes and gives them the opportunity to put their Alien on stage in the theater Walhalla of London’s Westend… This is a unique documentary, which proves that “being in the right place at the right time” can have extraordinary consequences. ALIEN ON STAGE is a feel-good trip you should not miss. And on popular demand we’re reprogramming this gem of a documentary that was received very favorably during last year’s BIFFF online edition. Encore, encore!

Year 2020
Director Lucy Harvey & Danielle Kummer
Cast Dave Mitchell,
Luc Hayward,
Ray Hayward,
Peter Lawford & Amie Wells
Distributor Danielle Kummer & Lucy Harvey
Genre(s) documentary
Audience ENA
Running time 86'
Country UK
Audio English
Subtitles FR / NL
Premiere Retro
Production Fool For Love Films