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Troma’s 50th anniversary calls for a celebration in outrageously bad taste. And what better way to do so than with a 4K restoration of good ol’ radioactive Toxie!!


Original Title : THE TOXIC AVENGER
: Lloyd Kaufman & Micheal Herz
Screenplay : Lloyd Kaufman
Cast : Mark Torgel, Pat Ryan, Mitch Cohen & Andree Miranda
DOP : James A. Lebovitz
Producer : Lloyd Kaufman & Micheal Herz
Production : Troma Entertainment Inc
Distribution : Troma Entertainment Inc
World Sales : Troma Entertainment Inc

Year : 1983
Country :
Audio : English
Subtitles : FR/ NL
Running time : 82'

Genre(s) : , ,
Audience : 16+
Premiere : None
Competition(s) :

Extra Info

With hair like a sweaty armpit, a pimpled face and the physique of a toothpick, Melvin Junko is the ideal laughing stock of Tromaville, with especially the infamous Bozo and his gang riling him hard. Then again, Bozo’s the kind of dude that for a Saturday night out prefers crushing kids playing on the street with his car. For a laugh. Anyhow, after being ambushed in yet another cruel humiliation, Melvin accidentally trips out a window and falls straight in barrels of radioactive waste. A few side effects later, Melvin is two meters higher, about 100 kilo heavier and covered in humongous boils that look like they’re about to pop their pus any minute. Behold, the Toxic Avenger is born, a super powerful, hideous hero who defends the weak and oppressed in a town overrun by rampant crime. But not for long…

You’ve passed your judgment on our social media and there he is! To celebrate Troma’s 50th anniversary – and, incidentally, also Toxie’s 40th birthday – in suitably trashy fashion, we’re presenting you this cult classic by our friend and Knight of the Order of the Raven, Lloyd Kaufman. We know you’re waiting for the recent remake starring Peter Dinklage, but we weren’t able to pry it loose. Anyway, we can confirm: it can’t hold a candle to this golden oldie! Especially knowing we present it to you in a pristine, newly restored 4K copy!