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Robbers Joseph and Sidney lay low in a farm in another temporal dimension but can only return to their time if they kill an unwanted visitor. A sci-fi mindfuck produced by Benson & Moorhead.


: Michael Felker
Screenplay : Michael Felker
Cast : Adam David Thompson, Riley Dandy, Chloe Skoczen, Justin Benson & Sarah Bolger
DOP : Carissa Dorson
Producer : Shane Spiegel, Jacob Rosenthal & Michael Felker
Production : Last Life
Distribution : Last Life
World Sales : None

Year : 2023
Country :
Audio : English
Subtitles : FR / NL
Running time : 102'

Genre(s) : , ,
Audience : 16+
Premiere : European
Competition(s) : ,

Extra Info

After a robbery that didn’t go exactly as planned, Joseph and his little sister Sidney fall back on a local diner for plan B. The general idea? Escape the cops who are sounding the sirens all over town. How? By laying low in an abandoned farm. But not just any abandoned farm, it’s a full-fledged portal to a different era. And Joseph happens to possess the instructions to temper with the space-time continuum. All they need is 15 days of off-time in a dimension where not a single other soul lives, and where the fridge automatically fills up. But when this multi-dimensional holiday is supposed to end, nothing goes as planned. They discover a vault that contains a recorder that allows them to communicate with the “future”. And this “future” is not particularly easy on them. If they want to come out of their dimension alive, they have to kill an undesired visitor who is going to pass through their timeline soon. “Soon” being of course a very relative notion in a world where time is so flexible…

“My movie is for the science-fiction lovers. It’s for the audience that puts 2 and 2 together, comes up with 5, and wonders why that is”, says Michael Felker, who starts off his directorial career with this nifty sci-fi mystery that we can just as well describe as an exceptional mindfuck. This temporal puzzle, that occasionally brings to mind 12 MONKEYS, is a feat of stylish and narrative bravura, with the fingerprints of Benson & Moorhead, who produced this, all over it!