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An art-house film that morphs into a snuff movie, then changes into a zombie infection, turns into a brutal payback and, ultimately, spirals into survival mode. ‘t Is a sin to miss it!


Original Title : THE SIN
: Dong-seok Han
Screenplay : Dong-seok Han
Cast : Yun-hye Kim, I-jae Song, Ji-hoon Park & Sang-ah Lee
DOP : Min-ho Choi
Producer : Jong-hwan Oh
Production : Door E&M
Distribution : Kt Alpha
World Sales : Kt Alpha

Year : 2023
Country :
Audio : Korean
Subtitles : EN / FR/ NL
Running time : 102'

Genre(s) : , ,
Audience : 16+
Premiere : Belgian
Competition(s) :


Extra Info

Siyeong is on cloud nine. She just got the leading role in an avant-garde film by a renowned, internationally revered auteur. The script? Incomprehensible. The only instruction she’s been given is a painstakingly detailed choreography she has to learn by heart and be able to execute to perfection whenever she hears “action!”. So, from day one on set in a desolated school in the middle of nowhere she dances. She dances and keeps on dancing. That is, until the break. Oh no, not the lunch break but a more unforeseen break provoked by one of the crew members jumping off the roof… Only to get back up and devour one of his colleagues! Yet, the renowned auteur keeps the cameras rolling while his crew gets decimated one by one. Siyeong is confused whether she’s on the set of a snuff movie or a very hardcore candid camera, but she does know one thing: she ain’t dancing no more today. Instead, she’ll rediscover the pleasure of running, on a pathway riddled with obstacles: tree roots, zombies, mafiosi and corrupt cops…

At times, we lazily think we’ve seen it all and everything’s already been done in movies. But then something like THE SIN, Hang Dongseak’s debut feature, comes along and catches us off-guard. Like a sprawling outburst skillfully juggling several genres, THE SIN doesn’t only have surprises at every turn up its sleeve, but also lots of visual splendor to feast your eyes on!