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The BIFFF and our comrades at Offscreen collectively present this very literal class struggle in survival mode. Simply the best surprise coming out of Brazil since the defeat of Bolsonaro!


Original Title : PROPRIEDADE
: Daniel Bandeira
Screenplay : Daniel Bandeira
Cast : Malu Galli, Zuleika Ferreira, Tavinho Teixeira, Samuel Santos & Edilson Silva
DOP : Pedro Sotero, abc
Producer : Kika Latache & Livia de Melo
Production : Símio Filmes / Vilarejo Filmes / Lunática
Distribution : Loco Films
World Sales : Loco Films

Year : 2023
Country :
Audio : Portuguese
Subtitles : FR + NL
Running time : 101'

Genre(s) : ,
Audience : 16+
Premiere : No
Competition(s) :

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Holed up in her gated Rio penthouse and high as a kite on tranquilizers, Tereza still has a hard time recovering from a particularly traumatizing hostage experience. Luckily, her prince in shiny armor Roberto spares no expenses to try to bring his sleeping beauty out of her slumber. First gift, an ultra-modern armored car, perfect for window-shopping Blue Helmet-style. Second gift, a trip to the countryside, to their splendid family estate, lovingly tended to by a dozen faithful workers. The motto? Peace and quietude for the missus. Which, of course, isn’t what she’s going to get. Once the workers find out they’re to get the sack collectively they revolt and intend to burn that splendid, lovingly tended to family estate to the ground, along with its owners! So yes, technically speaking the trip helped Tereza take her mind off things, but being trapped in your armored car surrounded by a frenzied mob that wants your skin isn’t exactly her idea of peace and quietude…

The fact that the BIFFF and our comrades of the Offscreen festival collectively present this gut-punch of a film should get your blood pumping already. This very literal class struggle in survival mode, sort of like STRAW DOGS rewritten by Marx, is simply not to be missed!