Cine 1 - 20/04 - 14:00

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Monster agent Nelly Rapp is looking for the Mirror of the Dead to talk to her mom. Problem is, it’s hidden in the Dark Forest, which is swamped by werewolves and it’s almost full moon…


: Johan Rosell
Screenplay : Sofie Forsman & Tove Forsman
Cast : Matilda Gross, Melvin Agnarson, Marianne Mörck & Johan Rheborg
DOP : Malin Gutke
Producer : Jon Nohrstedt & Niklas Larsson
Production : SF Studios Production AB
Distribution : NPO / REinvent International Sales
World Sales : Reinvent International Sales

Year : 2023
Country :
Audio : Dutch
Subtitles : FR
Running time : 96'

Genre(s) : ,
Audience : 9+
Premiere : No
Competition(s) :

Extra Info

Nelly Rapp is 11 years old and, like her uncle Hannibal, aunt Lena-Sleva and her late mother Alice, she’s a monster agent. In other words she’s a peacekeeper between humans and the otherworldly realm of supernatural creatures such as vampires and ghosts. But shush, daddy isn’t supposed to know! He thinks his little darling is just a normal girl who hasn’t got to deal with anything worse than school tests and the fact that her dad has a new girlfriend, Leila, whom she can’t accept as stepmother. Not to mention the little brat, her new half-brother Valle. So, understandably, when the whole gang gets together for Christmas at the mansion of Hannibal and Lena-Sleva, Nelly isn’t in a Christmas spirit and prefers hanging around in her uncle’s library. There she stumbles upon her mother’s diary, in which she details her last mission to the Dark Forest in search of the Mirror of the Dead. A mission she would never return from… The mirror enables the user to see and talk to any dead person you wish, and Nelly knows just the person she’d like to talk to. Without telling anyone, she takes off to the Dark Forest, which is what many dangerous creatures call home, including a pack of bloodthirsty werewolves. And it’s almost full moon… Even worse, her annoying half-brother Valle followed her into the woods!

Like the first installment, NELLY RAPP: MONSTER AGENT, which premiered at the BIFFF 2022, this sequel is another supremely made adventure film full of scares and thrills for children from the age of 8. Careful though, as we’re screening the Dutch version of the film, without English subtitles!