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Nancy, a feisty waitress forced to do the graveyard shift alone in her dad’s diner in the middle of nowhere, is besieged by a bunch of hoodlums. John Carpenter meets M. Night Shyamalan.


Original Title : LAST STRAW
: Alan Scott Neal
Screenplay : Taylor Sardoni
Cast : Jessica Belkin, Jeremy Sisto & Taylor Kowalski
DOP : Andrey Nikolaev
Producer : Daniel Brandt, Dane Eckerle, Cole Eckerle, Michael Giannone & Phil Keefe
Production : Bad Grey / AC3 Media / Burn Later Productions
Distribution : Blue Finch Film Releasing
World Sales : Blue Finch Film Releasing

Year : 2023
Country :
Audio : English
Subtitles : FR / NL
Running time : 81'

Genre(s) : ,
Audience : 16+
Premiere : Belgian
Competition(s) :

Extra Info

Nancy is a twenty-year-old fuck-up who hangs around with the wrong kind a’ men in dingy bars. In her defense though, in the shit-stain town she lives and grew up in, all men are of the wrong kind. Well, except for her loving dad Edward, but even he can be a pain in the ass. He gives her the late-night shift in the diner he owns, a dusty, roadside affair in the middle of nowhere. And he doesn’t take no for an answer. Neither does she. When Jake, the chef – or, more correctly, the burger griller – who was supposed to do the all-nighter together with her, dares to speak up to her, she fires him on a whim. After all, she’s second-in-command and in the absence of her father her will is law. She never liked the smug little bastard anyway. Thing is, now she’ll have to do the graveyard shift all by herself in a deserted diner in the middle of nowhere. Her sharp tongue has made quite a few enemies among the proud, alpha male Neanderthals in town who, like a hungry pack of wolves, might flock to the diner. Not in search of a late-night snack or milkshake but to turn her shift into an actual graveyard…

Jessica Belkin of AMERICAN HORROR STORY fame is perfect as Nancy, the besieged focal point in this tight, tense thriller that evidently brings to mind the masterful standoff in John Carpenter’s ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13, but with enough twists and turns along the bloody road to make it its own beast entirely. Hard to believe this is Alan Scott Neal’s debut feature, as it’s expertly crafted. We’ll be following his next steps very, very closely!