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If kidnapping has become a Haitian national sport, these two inept crooks are surely disqualified. A high-speed black comedy at the intersection of PULP FICTION and CITY OF GOD.


Original Title : KIDNAPPING INC.
: Bruno Mourral
Screenplay : Jasmuel Andri, Bruno Mourral & Gilbert Mirambeau Jr.
Cast : Jasmuel Andri, Rolapthon Mercure, Anabel Lopez, Ashley Laraque, Gessica Geneus, Patrick Joseph, Manfred Marcelin & Marcus Boereau
DOP : Martin Levent
Producer : Gilbert Mirambeau Jr., Gaëthan Chancy, Bruno Mourral, Yanick Létourneau & Samuel Chauvin
Production : Promenades Films/ BHM Films/ Peripheria
Distribution : The Festival Agency / XYZ
World Sales : XYZ

Year : 2023
Country : , ,
Audio : French, Creole
Subtitles : EN / FR / NL
Running time : 103'

Genre(s) : ,
Audience : 16+
Premiere : European
Competition(s) : ,

Extra Info

Kidnapping has become something of a national sport in Haiti, but that doesn’t mean everyone excels at it. Doc and Zoe, two particularly inept crooks, know this only too well, having just succeeded in accidently killing their hostage… twice… Problem is, the hostage in question was the son of a powerful senator who is leading in the presidential elections that are being held today. And the ransom demand has already been sent out to the family. They don’t feel much for confessing their blunder to their employer – who isn’t exactly the understanding type. But through an immense stroke of luck bordering on a divine intervention, they stumble upon Eddy, the exact lookalike of their defunct cargo, on his way to the airport with his pregnant wife. One kidnapping later, Doc and Zoe are quick to regret their decision to threaten a woman whose water just broke…

Chalk it up as yet another blunder on their long list of fuck-ups. First passing through the BIF Market as a work in progress in 2022 before having its world premiere at the Sundance festival, KIDNAPPING INC. is a frantic, frenzied black comedy ride that never lets up and doesn’t leave hostages on the crossroad between PULP FICTION and CITY OF GOD. With more than 2500 kidnappings last year alone in Haiti, the underlying message of the film is crystal-clear – one the film crew has experienced firsthand… – but director Bruno Mourral refuses to let it bog down the sheer punk energy of his endeavor. Unique, exhilarating and completely bonkers.