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A supernatural, sensational shocker in which a group of shamans led by Min-sik Choi (OLDBOY) digs up a coffin to exorcise the evil that lies within. They fail, of course…


Original Title : PA-MYO
: Jae-hyun Jang
Screenplay : Jae-hyun Jang
Cast : Min-sik Choi, Go-eun Kim, Hai-jin Yoo & Do-hyun Lee
DOP : Mo-gae Lee
Producer : Charlie Shin, Jae-hyun Jang, Young-min Kim & Jee-hye Kim
Production : Showbox / Pinetown Production
Distribution : Splendid Film BV / Showbox
World Sales : Showbox

Year : 2024
Country :
Audio : Korean
Subtitles : EN / FR / NL
Running time : 134'

Genre(s) :
Audience : 16+
Premiere : Belgian
Competition(s) :


Extra Info

A filthily rich Korean family living in LA, fly in a pair of young shamans to solve what they deem supernatural troubles that have befallen them. The duo quickly traces the strange happenings back to one of the family’s ancestors who lies buried in Korea. Their plan? Head back, team up with their usual accomplices, an older, expert geomancer and an undertaker, dig up the old man’s corpse and burn it. But upon examining the burial ground, the geomancer notes it’s one of the vilest plots of land he’s ever seen. The rich patriarch begs them not to open the coffin and just burn the damn thing whole, which is against the rules. Instead, they decide upon a ‘gut’ ritual, a shamanistic performance to gently coax the evil spirit to just fuck off and leave them in peace. Which, of course, fails… Cause instead of their puny little gut ritual? This ancestral evil is far more interested in ripping their guts out…

Its world premiere at the Berlinale was nothing short of sensational and EXHUMA is already a smash hit back in its homeland, with already more than ten million Koreans flocking to theaters to experience it… Which isn’t really surprising if you know we’re on eerily familiar ground. That of shamanistic madness in the vein of THE WAILING, helmed by Jang Jae-hyung, a director with a long pedigree in occult shockers (THE PRIEST – BIFFF 2016), and with a star-studded cast: Go-eun Kim (MEMORIES OF THE SWORD – BIFFF 2016), Do-hyun Lee (THE GLORY) and the resurrection of Min-sik Choi (OLDBOY, I SAW THE DEVIL – BIFFF 2011)!