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Born after Matrix

Imagine SpongeBob lost in the universe of EVIL DEAD that smells like teen spirit – as in the Nirvana song, you pervs – and you get an idea of the Rock ‘n’ Roll madness enclosed here!


: Josh Forbes
Screenplay : Mike Benner, Jared Logan & Charles Pieper
Cast : Jonah Ray Rodrigues, Alex Winter, Kiran Deol, Christian Calloway, Randee Heller, DeMorge Brown, Jon Daly, Phil Hendrie, Ryan Kattner & Thomas Lennon
DOP : Will Stone
Producer : Russell Sanzgiri, Alex Winter & Jonah Ray Rodrigues
Production : RLJE FILMS / Counterpart Pictures / Shudder
Distribution : Mediawan Rights
World Sales : Shudder (AMC Networks)

Year : 2023
Country :
Audio : English
Subtitles : FR / NL
Running time : 85'

Genre(s) : , ,
Audience : 16+
Premiere : Belgian
Competition(s) :

Extra Info

William is the walking cliché of the tormented artist eternally broke and a burden to both his girlfriend and his boss. The past three years – and counting! – he’s been tinkering at his Prog-Rock Opera that nobody asked for. In the meantime, it’s the missus that brings home the bacon, while William is a black belt in making up excuses to procrastinate. His latest? Their new neighbor Vlad, who spends his days listening to Slavic death metal on speakers stolen from Rammstein’s tour bus. Apparently, that doesn’t help the flow of William’s creative juices… But, despite sporting the physique of a Dodo with asthma, he’s finally going to stand up for himself, once and for all! Except, their friendly neighborly chat on the stairway quickly escalates into a fight in which Vlad accidently – and ironically – ends up impaled. Instead of calling the cops, William prefers washing his hands in innocence and the corpse in an acid bath. But for that there needs to be mutual consent, and Vlad – or whatever’s left of him – doesn’t seem to agree…

Rock fans with a love for good ol’ Troma movies in which blood flows royally and humor aims squarely below the belt, DESTROY ALL NEIGHBORS is your new Grail! To give you a little idea of what you’re getting yourselves into, imagine SpongeBob lost in the universe of EVIL DEAD that smells like teen spirit – as in the Nirvana song, you pervs…