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Koroko is heavily bullied at school. Luckily, she has a magic mirror she can jump into to escape her sordid reality, to the Castle of the Wolf Queen, which might be the key to all her problems…


Original Title : KAGAMI NO KOJÔ
: Keiichi Hara
Screenplay : Miho Maruo
Cast : Ami Touma, Takumi Kitamura, Sakura Kiryu, Rihito Itagaki, Naho Yokomizo, Minami Takayama, Yuki Kaji, Kumiko Aso, Mana Ashida & Aoi Miyazaki
DOP : None
Producer : Hirotaka Aragaki, Nobuyuki Iinuma, Mitsuhisa Ishikawa & Atsuhiro Iwakami
Production : A-1 PICTURES
Distribution : Eurozoom
World Sales : Nippon Television Network Corporation

Year : 2023
Country :
Audio : French
Subtitles : NL
Running time : 116'

Genre(s) : , ,
Audience : 12+
Premiere : None
Competition(s) :

Extra Info

Whoever once said your teen years are the best time of your life deserves the guillotine. At least, that’s what 14-year-old Kokoro thinks. Every morning she walks to school with a heavy heart, afraid to be cornered by the same group of girls – nay, harpies! – who hurls the cruelest of things at her. “Go die in a pit, moron!”, “You’re so ugly, no boy will ever want you!”, that sort of stuff. No, if it were up to Kokoro, she’d disappear completely into another dimension far away from school. But how many other teens with similar thoughts have a mirror that suddenly starts to shine magically? Kokoro does and, with a little hesitation, she crosses into another realm where, together with six other teens, she finds herself in a floating castle. There the Wolf Queen, a little girl hiding behind a wolf mask, awaits them. She gives them one year in the castle to look for a key that will grant one wish of the one that finds it. The castle, much like a municipal administration, is open from 9 AM to 5 PM. Whoever fails to jump back to their own dimension before five will be devoured by a real, bloodthirsty wolf…

Japan alone seems to hold the secret to tackle the often-grave issues youngster wrestle with in beautiful coming-of-age stories rendered in stunning animation. But beware! Much like the real, non-Disneyfied fairytales of old, this castle has some very dark and grim rooms that make it not suitable for a very young audience. So, we recommend it for ages 12 and up.