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Born after Matrix 

Famous YouTube ghost hunter Alex has been exposed as a complete fraud but he’s planning his big comeback in a haunted house. But the real ghosts weren’t part of his plan!


Original Title : CANCELED
: Oskar Mellander
Screenplay : Paolo Vacirca & Henry Stenberg
Cast : Vincent Grahl, Fanny Klefelt, William Wasberg, Felicia Kartal, Emma Valev, Klas Wiljergård & Kacper Migas
DOP : Mårten Stenberg
Producer : Paolo Vacirca, Alexander Eriksson & Joakim Lundell
Production : Scandinavian Content Group
Distribution : TrustNordisk
World Sales : TrustNordisk

Year : 2023
Country :
Audio : Swedish
Subtitles : EN / FR / NL
Running time : 96'

Genre(s) : ,
Audience : 16+
Premiere : Belgian
Competition(s) : ,

Extra Info

Just when his show ‘Gone Ghosting’ was booming on social media, Alex got stabbed in the back by a bitter former cameraman exposing him and his bullshit encounters with the supernatural. Bad buzz that makes sponsors fly away from him like Nic Cage does with bees, bringing an end to both the money flow and his credibility. But you can’t keep a good man – even if he’s a complete fraud – down for long. So Alex scrapes up enough cash to convince new crew members to follow him to a certified ‘haunted house’ with a juicy backstory of a family that slaughtered each other there back in the good ol’ 70’s. His goal? Let the cameras run 24/7 in the hope of catching a glimpse of ‘creepy stuff’©. Y’know, moving curtains, a mirror with some vaguely weird reflections – hell, even just the gaudy 70’s wallpaper might give some folks the creeps! Turns out Alex is actually an even bigger genius than he thinks he is, because instead of his usual Scooby-Doo mumbo-jumbo, he’s getting the real deal here, actual ghosts! He’s hit a gold mine! But a gold mine he and his crew might not get out of alive…

There must be something in the water because the country that has mostly been known for THE VIRGIN SPRING and other jolly tales by Uncle Bergman has lately been churning out some quality horror films! This newest offspring in line is a perfect thrill ride that might just beat PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and other such Poltergeists on the Scare-O-Meter.