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Dante Lam is back with one of his signature gritty, hard-boiled Hong Kong action thrillers filled with cops and crime lords stuck in an endless cycle of grim, horribly explicit violence.


Original Title :
: Dante Lam & Calvin Tong
Screenplay : Yiu-Leung Tong & Shengbo Wang
Cast : Nick Cheung, William Chan & Isabella Leong
DOP : Man-lung Choi
Producer : Candy Leung & Dante Lam
Production : Film Fireworks Limited / Bona Entertainment Company Limited
Distribution : Emperor Motion Pictures
World Sales : Emperor Motion Pictures

Year : 2023
Country : ,
Audio : Cantonese, Japanese, Burmese, Putonghua
Subtitles : EN / FR / NL
Running time : 138'

Genre(s) : ,
Audience : 16+
Premiere : European
Competition(s) :

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Bond Sir has very little in common with his homologue James. Rather than sip shaken not stirred Martini’s, this veteran of the Narcotics Division has been dealing with some of the vilest criminals in Hong Kong for decades now. With an impressive body count on both sides. After their latest raid on one of the labs of notorious drug lord Young, he can mourn another dead colleague, but Young’s younger brother Roy also got heavily burnt. Bond realizes these direct confrontations are merely adding fuel to the flames, often literally, so he decides to take a different, more subtle route. That of a young, ambitious cop, Ming, going undercover and winning the trust of Young’s triad. Bingo! Ming is able to infiltrate and send out information on secret locations to the police squad, taking them by surprise… Young, of course, quickly understands there’s a mole in the midst and his way of dealing with mole plagues is, let’s say, rather old school: uprooting them to make ‘m squeal like little piggies.

Hallelujah! After 10 years of wandering the Chinese mainland with a couple of big-budget blockbusters under his belt, Dante Lam (THAT DEMON WITHIN – BIFFF 2015, OPERATION MEKONG – BIFFF 2027) finally goes back to his – pretty hardcore – roots: the gritty, nihilistic Hong Kong action thriller! Reunited again with his preferred actor, Nick Cheung (THE BEAST STALKER, UNBEATABLE), perfect in the role of the cynical cop dulled by the endless gusts of extreme violence he’s been exposed to. ‘Cause yes, the film earned itself a ‘Cat III.’-classification in Hong Kong, meaning it’s full of shocking scenes that are not recommended to sensitive viewers. Luckily, we’re notoriously desensitized viewers at the BIFFF, so bring it on!