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Like Thema and Louise on the edge of BLACK MIRROR, these two master thieves get stuck in a world of AI with no exit… Except for gunning and blasting their way out, that is!


Original Title : BLACK BITS
: Alessio Liguori
Screenplay : Daniele Cosci, Fabio Sieni & Carlo Andrea Maucci
Cast : Yvonne Mai, Jordan Alexandra & Sebastian Fabija?ski
DOP : Luca Santagostino
Producer : Gianluca Curti, Simona Ferri, Alessandro Leone, Marta Leone & Marco Tempera
Production : Minerva Pictures / Play Entertainment / Agresywna Band
Distribution : Minerva Pictures
World Sales : Minerva Pictures

Year : 2023
Country : ,
Audio : English
Subtitles : FR / NL
Running time : 81'

Genre(s) : ,
Audience : 16+
Premiere : Belgian
Competition(s) :


Extra Info

Passionate lovers Dora and Beth would like to settle down somewhere quiet to enjoy life, love and each other. A lifestyle, in short, that asks for sufficient funds but they’ve got that covered as well. You see, apart from ‘passionate’ and ‘lovers’, there’s a whole bunch of other terms that can describe the couple, such as ‘god-like’, ‘hackers’, ‘thieves’ and last but not least ‘badass’. Actually, they’ve just made off with a load of extremely valuable neurochips that have the potential to change the world and the way we see it. At least, that’s what it said on the label. After one hell of car-chase with the whole shebang – screeching tires, flying bullets, what have you not – they arrive unscathed in their very own Batcave, some sort of futuristic, state-of-the-art hideout deep in the woods. There they’re safe to continue enjoying life, love and each other. Until a strange man gets on their trail and they have to leave their not-so-very-safe-after-all hideout and forest, on a journey that will prove just barely less exhausting than Frodo’s trip to Mordor. And they don’t have eagles to save their asses in the end. But they’ve got guns…

In the best of worlds, this muscular sci-fi action thriller wouldn’t have been the first flick by Italian director Alessio Liguori to have made it to a BIFFF screen. That should have been his devilishly efficient exorcist movie IN THE TRAP back in 2020, but alas, we don’t live in a perfect world. Which, incidentally, fits BLACK BITS as a dark velvet glove because its dystopian world of AI and Augmented Reality has much in common with BLACK MIRROR.