BIFFF 2016 Awards

Despite the tragic events, which made our capital tremble, you were more than 53 000 to come to the BIFFF! Thank you everyone!

The international jury (Jaume Balaguero, Bai Ling, Marc Caro, Luigi Cozzi and Jasna Kohoutova) took the decision to reward the following films:

The European jury (Olivier Mortagne, Monique Licht, Nancy Ngoma, Freddy Thielemans, Pierre Beaudot, Manu Dacosse, Sacha Feiner) took the decision to reward: Demon  by Marcin Wrona.

The Thriller jury (Ana Garcia, Joëlle Baumerder, Gorian Delpâture, Michel Dufranne) took the decision to reward: The Photograher by Waldemar Krzystek.

The 7th Orbit jury (Georges Lini, Maxime Dieu, Joost Vandecasteele, Geoffrey Claustriaux) took the decision to reward Traders from Rachael Moriarty and Peter Murphy.

The Public Award goes, after Ghost Graduation in 2013, once again to Javier Ruiz Caldera for Spy Time.

Belgian short features :

  • Grand Prize : L’Oeil Silencieux by Karim Ouelhaj
  • Silver Méliès : L’Oeil Silencieux by Karim Ouelhaj
  • BeTV Prize : XYZ, The City Hunter by Majin Tikal
  • Sabam Prize : XYZ, The City Hunter by Majin Tikal
  • UPCB/UBFP and UniversCiné Prize: XYZ, The City Hunter by Majin Tikal
  • RTBF Prize (La Trois) : Voltaire by Jan Snoekx
  • Fedex Prize : Voltaire by Jan Snoekx
  • Youth Prize : Ice Scream by Vincent Smitz

The jury of the 1st Art Contest took the decision to reward Monstre, a painting by Nathan Vranckx.

29th Body Painting Contest

1st prize : Catherine Nicaisse – Joker by Vasarely
2nd prize : Elodie Hance – Quintessence d’un rêve tropical
3rd prize : Jana Van der Veken – Holy Body by Gray
Special Jury Mention: Emilie Martin – Pop Art Vivant

33rd Make Up Contest Contest



  • 1st prize : Guillaume Barachin
  • 2nd prize : Nora Marziale
  • 3rd prize : Anna Maria Kovacs


  • 1st prize : Sandrine Lahou
  • 2nd prize : Viviane Dewals
  • 3rd prize : Céline Yetters


  • 1st prize : Tiffany Foglia
  • 2nd prize : Amandine Fourny
  • 3rd prize : Anais Arandia
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1720, la Peste de Marseille.
1820, le Choléra.
1920, la Grippe Espagnole.
2020, le Coronavirus, et annulation de la 38e édition du BIFFF….
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1720, de Builenpest van Marseille.
1820, de Cholera.
1920, de Spaanse Griep.
2020, het Coronavirus, en de annulering van de 38ste editie van het BIFFF….
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1720, the Marseille Bubonic plague.
1820, the Cholera.
1920, the Spanish Flu.
2020, the Coronavirus, and the cancellation of the 38th edition of the BIFFF….
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