Pop-up Events VR

VR Exhibition Day - 01/09 - Free Entrance

Take part in 3 unique and completely free experiences on September 1st. Three VR movies that take you to the depths of your soul in the dead of a full moon night. Get into the skin of a werewolf thanks to Reality+, only to transform a couple days later into the dandiest vampire of the Ball!

The Werewolf Experience

Christopher Morrison / 9’ / Belgium / 2022 / Reality+ & Stacka
As a werewolf, you’re hunting for the sacred white stag that can cure you while an angry mob wants you dead. Can you bring an end to your reign of terror before they skin you alive?

Uku Pacha

Diego Bonilla / 23‘ / US, Mexico / 2021 / Modular Films & Universidad de Cuenca

An old van crossing the Andes, a secret, 3 unknown passengers accused of having provoked the suicide of someone. You’re the fourth passenger of their journey through the Uku Pacha seeking to find out the truth. Each trip is a new opportunity for salvation or for condemnation…

NORN vol.1 – The 9 Daughters of RAN

Lina Reinsbakken / 25’ / Norway / 2022 / Norn Studio

First chapter of a series of 10 VR experiences, “The 9 Daughters of RAN” introduces the audience to the conflict within the internal Universe. The spectator is invited to cross the threshold and embark on the journey inside the brain alongside the heroine.

VR Gaming – Futurist Games - Free Entrance

On 9 and 10 September, we will be offering you an immersion into the world of virtual reality gaming! Thanks to Futurist Games, you can dive into the world of fantasy and come to confront or collaborate with other BIFFFers! On that note: good luck in staying alive until the end!

Futurist Games, located within walking distance from the Central Station, is one of Brussels’ first virtual reality centers. Its catalog is made up of some thirty experiences, alongside fun and pedagogical activities. If you are seeking action, adventure, and strong emotions, you have come to the right place! Whether you bring your friends or family, you can battle together or against each other in universes that are as fantastic as they are extraordinary. Try to survive in a world overrun by zombies, chase orcs and dragons as a medieval archer, or blast through space as an astronaut… The future is now!

AR by Euromillions - Free Entrance

Visit Paul’s Villa in Augmented Reality

29/08 & 30/08