Pascal Laugier- Ghostland

First noticed for his short movies by Christophe Gens, Pascal Laugier then moved on to the making off of Le Pacte des Loups. The filmmaker presented his first feature, Saint-Ange, in 2004. The movie stars Virginie Ledoyen, whose performance reminds of Shining and L’Echine du Diable. You can feel the guy likes to play with genres. That is confirmed by his next movie: 2008 Martyrs. The movie quickly became a cult movie (and won a BIFFF European Competition Award). Pascal Laugier then worked on the Hellraiser reboot and moves on a long-time project: The Secret. Due to a bad distribution, the movie won’t be able to enjoy the success it should have met. His career took a hit but he keeps on working, notably on music videos. He met Mylène Farmer. And he finally comes back with an amazingly tense movie called Ghostland. Hats off to the artist!

FILMO: Saint-Ange (2004)- Martyrs (2008)- The Secret (2012)- Ghostland (2018)