The Order of the Raven

Welcome at the Order of the Raven

Support the festival by joining one of the two Guilds in 2020: choose your side
and get goodies according to your level.

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The battle has begun but the war is not over ! Join the Guild of your choice, and enter the BIFFF legend…

How to join the Guild: click here

We thank all our members for their support.

Level 3


Jonathan Beliën
Frédéric Burlet


Jeroen Pinoy
Laurent Meeus
Nicolas Oste
Patrick Van de Voorde


Anita De Meyer

Level 2


Benoit Levenkron
Cyrielle Lahuna

Elzbieta Folk
Jonathan Destree
Nicolas Dauge
Robin Declercq
Yves Baekelandt


Agnes Ragouilliaux
Patricia Pinxteren
Pauline Thiry
Stéphane Vancoillie

Level 1


Nicole Fondu
Scott Cameron Pedigo


Dorine Van Zeeland