The Order of the Raven

Welcome at the Order of the Raven

Support the festival by joining one of the two Guilds in 2020: choose your side
and get goodies according to your level.

How to join the Guild: click here

We thank all our members for their support.

Level 3


Frédéric Burlet
Pooja Dave


Patrick Baillieux
Laurent Meeus
Nicolas Oste
Jean-Philippe Thiriart


Anita De Meyer
Jessica Liebisch

Level 2


Ajdini Afrim 
Alexis Bernaerts
Philippe Bronchart
Anne Brunelle
Nicolas Dauge

Luc De Mesmaeker
Geert De Wijngaert
Elzbieta Folk

Madeleine Galletto
Ilyas Goban
Cyrielle Lahuna

Benoît Levenkron
Melissa Mouangue
Patricia Pinxteren
Pauline Stevens
Johan Van De Putte
Patrick Van de Voorde
Chris Vermeylen


Level 1


Nicole Fondu
Andrea Naranjo de Gamarra Rivero
Agnes Ragouilliaux
Pauline Thiry
Stéphane Vancoillie


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