Opening & closing 2021


Just an average day in the European capital. Teenagers are entering the grounds of their high school, chatting and joking with each other until the bell rings, calling them to their classes. At the same moment, gun shots ring out in the buil-ding. Bleeding bodies are falling to the floor, while two young men transform themselves into suicide terrorists. And then there is an explosion. The emergency services soon arrive on the scene. Isabelle and Adamo, two paramedics at the end of their shift, make their way through the chaos of smoke, blood and maimed bodies. They put an unconscious victim into their ambulance and speed to the hospital to save his life. But in their haste, they overlook what hides under his T-shirt…a primed bomb belt. After working as a director’s assistant on movies and series such as SUBURRA and ROMANZO CRIMINALE, Alessandro Tonda’s feature debut tackles a highly topical subject. He does not focus on terrorism as an ideologi-cal phenomenon, but concentrates on the three people in the ambulance who are cruising through the Brussels’ street in a bomb on wheels. This terrific feature is dedicated “to all those who fight at the front lines without weapons”. There’s no better tribute to our health care heroes in these pandemic times than THE SHIFT.

Director: Alessandro Tonda
Cast: Clotilde Hesme, Adamo Dionisi, Adam Amara, Jan Hammenecker,…
Runtime: 95 min

International premiere

Online ANIMATION by Twice Agency


Freely inspired by Tim Burton and Jean-Pierre Finotto, a fascinating happening in tune with the times, mixing fantastic film music and contemporary music! The atmosphere is strange, a voice cries out. Is it the Mad Hatter who welcomes us and draws us into his universe or is it Beetlejuice’s sister who calls out to us? Who is this Alice-like creature coming out of her bubble and coming our way? She fascinates with elegance, grace, charm and power.Between dance and new body language, nothing is left to chance. The gesture is taken to the extreme. The atmosphere is electric, enigmatic, mysterious… The interactions between these characters and their world create a universe where cohesion and unity seem to be the predominant values.

Concept and choreography: Pierre Drye

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Markus, a career military man with an ice-cold disposition, must leave his combat zone to take care of his teenage daughter Mathilde, after his wife’s sudden death in a train accident. But the awkward attempt of Markus to connect with his mourning daughter, is interrupted by Otto, a scrawny and eccentric mathematician. He also survived the accident, but he hasn’t come to offer his condolences. It’s because Otto is convinced that it was an attack linked to a gang of bad guys and an ongoing trial. It doesn’t take much more for Markus to activate his vengeance mode and to pull out all the stops in a ride for justice. We shouldn’t even have to introduce the man anymore, because everyone knows his legend at the BIFFF: 2 Silver Méliès Awards, 1 Audience Award and 1 Golden Raven with just two films (THE GREEN BUTCHERS and ADAM’S APPLES). Anders Thomas Jensen is back with his faithful sidekick Mads Mikkelsen to delight us with an absolute gem of absurd black humor!

Director: Anders Thomas Jensen
Cast: Mads Mikkelsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Andrea Heick Gadeberg
Runtime: 116 min

Online ANIMATION by Magic Land

Since its creation, The Magic Land Theatre has been an inseparable partner of the BIFFF. There hasn’t been an edition without them invading the festival with monsters, mutants or with the now famous rafting race. Even in pandemic times, they’re ready to give their all, but as the health crisis will not allow them to perform «live» , they will show up in a video clip during the closing night! «January 2080, Berlin. After one climate disaster after another, the air has almost become unbreathable. A large part of humanity is gone. Only those who have found refuge in the underground have somehow managed to survive. For the others, shelter and food are scarce. The survivors who discover Professor Kurt’s bunker could never have imagined that the facade of a Bavarian guest house hides a dangerous molecular genetics laboratory.»When the actors of the Magic Land get their hands on this fantasy classic, the story takes on a most peculiar form.

Written and directed by Patrick Chaboud
Directed by Pierre Vandamme

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