Opening Ceremony

34th BIFFF PosterCulture. Hate. Culture. Hate. Culture. Hate. Culture, culture, culture, culture, culture once again, culture always. And an opening at the BIFFF nearly becomes a civic act. This 34th edition will start with two high-levels premieres!

In the left corner, we’ve got the reviewed and updated classic novel of Jane Austen aka Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

In the right corner, it’s Men & Chicken, brand new masterpiece of Anders Thomas Jensen – who killed it in 2006 with his cult Adam’s Apple – with a Mads Mikkelsen in very good shape. Here is a huge dilemma, right? Get used to it : this full edition, of surprises and discoveries, will make you bald as Bruce Willis! One more time : Welcooooooome !!!!!!!!