Obscure Night – 31-01-2019

& BIFFF present

Escape Room

31/01/2019 – 20:45 @Kinepolis

Obscure Night: the solution for horror lovers – guaranteed goose bumps! Prepare to live a terrifying evening that will freeze your blood …

Six people find themselves in an uncontrollable situation or only their intelligence will allow them to survive.

Normal rate: No refund if you do not dare keep your eyes open. Make sure you come on time, as we will treat you with a special “first part of horror” that will scare you away from play!

Director – Adam Robitel

Cast – Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Jay Ellis,Tyler Labine

Distributor – Columbia Pictures

Genre – Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Audience – CNA

Running time – 1h39

Country – South Africa, USA

Audio – English

Subtitles – Fr & Nl


Kinepolis and BIFFF are giving away 5 duo tickets for “Escape Room” during the Obscure Night on Thursday 31 January. Answer the following question and try your luck:
Who plays the leading role in Escape Room

Send your reply to obscurenight@bifff.net by 28/01 at the latest. Do not forget to include your personal details and the Kinepolis cinema where you want to attend the Obscure Night. Good luck!

Obscure night - Excape room

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