Obscure Night 11-04-2019

Kinepolis & BIFFF present

Pet sematary

Pet Sematary

11/04/2019 – 20:45 @Kinepolis

Obscure Night: the solution for horror lovers – guaranteed goose bumps!Prepare to live a terrifying evening that will freeze your blood …

Alongside his wife and their young children, Doctor Louis Creed moves from the city to a house in a forested environment. Soon, they meet their slightly eccentric neighbor, who lets them know about the eerie animal cemetery nearby. Behind the house runs a busy thoroughfare and Creed keeps pointing out the danger to his sons. But one day, their cat is run over and things don’t stop there. Overwhelmed by grief, Creed disregards the sound advice of his neighbor and sets forth for the burial ground, with disastrous consequences…

Normal rate: No refund if you do not dare keep your eyes open. Make sure you come on time, as we will treat you with a special “first part of horror” that will scare you away from play!


Director :Kevin Kölsch & Dennis Widmyer

Cast : Jason Clarke, John Lithgow, Amy Seimetz, Obssa Ahmed, Hugo Lavoie & Lucas Lavoie

Distributor : Sony Pictures Belgium

Genre : Horror

Audience : Children not admitted

Running time : 84′

Country : USA

Audio : O.V & VF

Subtitles : French & Dutch

Pet semetary
Pet semetary
Pet semetary


Kinepolis and BIFFF are giving away 5 duo tickets for “Pet Semetary” during the Obscure Night on Thursday 11 April. Answer the following question and try your luck:
« Who plays the role of Ellie in “Pet Semetary” ?»

Send your reply to obscurenight@bifff.net by 10/04 at the latest. Do not forget to include your personal details and the Kinepolis cinema where you want to attend the Obscure Night. Good luck!

"Obscure Night - Pet Semetary"

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