Nordic Focus

Yeah, those guys up north! Not content with breathtaking landscapes, cheap self-assembly furniture (with somehow always one piece left unused), and a social model that is the envy of all of Europe, the Nordic countries also have a prestigious cinematographic pedigree. Impossible not to mention Ingmar Bergman – whose THE VIRGIN SPRING inspired Wes Craven’s THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT – and Aki Kaurismäki among the cinematic heavyweights. The long winters in northern Europe are of course ideal to cuddle under a blanket, resulting (9 months and a few years later) in several generations of talented directors. We can cite Lasse Hallström, Lars von Trier, Ole Bornedal, Nicolas Winding Refn, Anders Thomas Jensen, Roy Andersson, Thomas Vinterberg, Timo Vuorensola, Andre Øvredal, Tomas Alfredson, and Baltasar Kormákur. The list is long, too long really! So instead of proposing a 56 page who’s who in font size 4, we prefer presenting a diabolically alluring Nordic focus, a filmic trip along the most popular genres of the BIFFF!


10.04 – 18:30 – Ciné1 – THE QUAKE
10.04 – 20:30 – Ciné1 – IRON SKY 2
11.04 – 20:30 – Ciné1 – THE UNTHINKABLE
11.04 – 18:30 – Ciné1 – ZOO
13.04 – 01:00 – The night – Cine1 – FINALE
14.04 – 14:00 –
Ciné2 – FINALE
14.04 – 19:30 – Ciné2 – ANIARA
16.04 – 14:00 – Ciné2 – CUTTERHEAD


1720, la Peste de Marseille.
1820, le Choléra.
1920, la Grippe Espagnole.
2020, le Coronavirus, et annulation de la 38e édition du BIFFF….
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1720, de Builenpest van Marseille.
1820, de Cholera.
1920, de Spaanse Griep.
2020, het Coronavirus, en de annulering van de 38ste editie van het BIFFF….
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1720, the Marseille Bubonic plague.
1820, the Cholera.
1920, the Spanish Flu.
2020, the Coronavirus, and the cancellation of the 38th edition of the BIFFF….
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