Cine 1 - 13/04 - 19:00

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Een maritieme versie van CON AIR, Frankensteinsgewijs opgelapt met stukjes RESIDENT EVIL, WOLFENSTEIN en PREDATOR. Een van de waanzinnigste filmpjes van het jaar!!


Director : Hongsun Kim
Screenplay : Hongsun Kim
Cast : In-guk Seo, Dong-yoon Jang Guyhwa Choi, Sung Dong-il & So-min Jung
DOP : Ju-hwan Yoon
Producer : Sung-mok Gu
Production : Contents G / Cheum Film
Distribution : Finecut Co., Ltd.
World Sales : Finecut Co., Ltd

Year : 2022
Country :
Audio : Korean
Subtitles : EN / FR / NL
Running time : 121'

Genre(s) : , ,
Audience : ENA
Premiere : Belgian
Competition(s) :
Section(s) :

Extra Info

No more Piña Colada’s and #ThugLife selfies on pearly white Filipino beaches for the cream of the Korean criminal crop that escaped their country. Seoul just reached a deal of extradition with Manila and now calls all of ‘m back to the motherland. And they do so in style: 47 of the vilest villains, amongst whom rapists, serial killers, psychopaths, gangsters and even some serial psycho gangster rapist murderers, are to be led across the sea in a cargo ship guarded by 10 hard-boiled detectives armed to the teeth. How could that possibly go wrong? Yes, of course the prisoners will get the upper hand. Yes, it’s going to be an extraordinary bloodbath between law enforcers and chaos-mongers. And yes, it’s going to splatter in the ship’s corridors. But all of that is just song and dance compared to when the Thing, the “project” of the title, wakes up from its slumber in the ship’s bowels and appears on deck snapping spines like matchsticks…

The equivalent of an Olympic pool of blood flows gaily in this CON AIR at sea, which got stitched up Frankenstein-style with bits of RESIDENT EVIL, WOLFENSTEIN and PREDATOR. A pure exploitation flick that reeks of madness, with no less than three layers of twists that get more hardcore each time and royal amounts of slicin’ and dicin’. It simply doesn’t get any more savage than this roaring beast right here!