New Festival Dates

New Festival Dates - BIFFF 2022

After two particularly hard years for culture, 2022 will definitely be the year of the return of the BIFFF as a real and tangible experience (and not a virtual one this time). With the move to our new home at Brussels Expo and the oh so symbolic 40th anniversary, we owe it to you to give you a festival that lives up to your expectations and to its own reputation.

But, given the international uncertainties for our films and our guests and the deep crimson red of our national barometer until at least the end of April, we have no intention to replace our fancy china with carton plates. We serve our birthday cakes in style! 

The BIFFF 2022 will be a popular festive event in the truest sense of the word. That’s our dearest wish. And to see you all again at the festival, in great numbers and out of your minds, will be the greatest gift we can imagine. So let’s wait for this rain of uncertainties to pass and meet under the Sun of Fantastic Film from 29 August till 10 September!