Melies JURY

Benjamin Ramon

It was in his mother’s womb that Benjamin made the decision, probably unconsciously, to become an actor. In 1997, when he saw Baz Luhrmann’s ROMEO + JULIET, his vocation became obvious. At first, he tried unsuccessfully to audition at the Liège Conservatory. A year later, thanks to Patrick Bebi’s advice, he entered INSAS. Benjamin took his first steps in front of the camera in several student films, graduating in June 2003. In October of the same year, Frédéric Fonteyne cast him in a small role in LA FEMME DE GILLES. Since then, he has appeared in numerous films, including TOKYO ANYWAY, L’OUTSIDER, ÊTRE, RIDE SALLY RIDE and, more recently, YUMMY and EASY TIGER. In 2022, he presented MEGALOMANIAC in European competition. This year, he’s back… but as a jury member for this competition.

Bernard Yerles

Born in Belgium, Bernard Yerlés has become a staple of French-speaking film and television. However, before appearing on screen, he has made his acting debut on the big stage. A theater fanatic, he has starred in many plays like “Cerisaie” (1984) and “Zement” (1991), before starting a theater residence in Grenoble starring in famous productions like “Marie Tudor” (1991). Once in France, his ambitions turned to the world of film and TV, where he starred in many popular TV shows like the police series “Rose et Val” (2005) and “Mes amis, mes amours, mes emmerdes” (2009), which he played in for 20 years. Now he has also starred in many comedic TV films like “Joyeuse retraite !” (2019) and “ La Vache et le président (2000). In 2015 he also get his hand on directing a short film “Le Chevalier Blanc”, which was showcased at BIFFF.

FILMO: Rose et Val (2005- series), La vache et le président (2000), Pardon Cupidon (1994)

Aurélien Caeyman

Aurélien Caeyman is a Belgian actor, having his breakthrough role in 2016 with the show THE BREAK. Before acting Aurélien proved his zest for life and his need for having every day be different from the other. His impressive CV includes being a gardener in England, an industrial designer, a blogger in Peru and even architecture. However, what better way to be someone else everyday than by becoming an actor. He has found a special talent for acting in thriller and sci-fi projects, like the award-winning short film EXISTE! that premiered at BIFFF in 2019. He has also starred in TV shows like OVNI (S) (2021) on Canal + and various films like CHROMA (2022) and LES DERNIERS HOMMES (2023), which won a best director award in Poland.