Méliès Jury 2022

Ken Lambrechts

Ken Lambrechts started his artist management agency in 2009 in Antwerp and was able to build a portfolio of high potential local talent. Over the past 12 years the Ken Lambrechts Artist Management (KLAM) team grew into a boutique agency representing Belgian screenwriters, directors and actors. the KLAM-team represents Belgian talents like Adil & Bilall, Matthias Schoenaerts, Michael Roskam and others on the international filmmaking scene. With KLAM’s 360 degree approach they try to handle all business and personal demands for their clients. The KLAM-team has been involved in developing all concept ideas growing from their clients and besides creating opportunities for the client-actors on existing films and tv-shows, also was able to bring new projects to the market.


Michiel Blanchart

At 18, after dreaming of working in the movies all of his life and making shorts with his friends while growing up in France’s countryside, Michiel decided to go back to his native country to study in one of the best-known cinema schools of Belgium: The « Institut des Arts de Diffusion » (IAD – Institute of Media Arts).

During his years at school, Michiel directed several shorts both in and outside of the school curriculum. These films included “L’Annonce”, “Lulu” and “Dynaman” which went on to play at multiples festivals in Belgium, two of which ended up winning the BeTV award (at the Brussels Short Film Festival and at the FIFF in Namur).

Benoit Mariage, a well-established director and teacher at IAD, introduced Michiel to Producer Michael Goldberg — and thus began a fruitful collaboration between the young filmmaker and his trusted producer.

Michiel’s short film “You’re Dead Helen” (Belguim, 2021) travelled around the world and won multiple awards, including: Rhode Island (Best Short Fiction), Clermont Ferrand, Gerardmer (Best Short), Sitges (best short), Odense International Film Festival (Artist Award), Sapporo (Best Screenplay), FicMonterrey (Best Short Fiction), among many others. 

Michiel is currently working on several feature film projects, including the American adaptation of “You’re Dead Helen”.

Philippe Therasse

Philippe Therasse is a Belgian DOP. As camera assistant, he worked with several directors and DOPs, nourishing his passion: creating images. He worked with major brands and numerous artists, developing his photographic style and sensitivity to light. In 2015, he shot his first series: ENNEMI PUBLIC, directed by Matthieu Frances and Gary Seghers, awarded at MIP Drama in Cannes. This was the starting point for many TV fiction projects. In 2020 he shot the particularly bizarre TOTEM, directed by Fred De Loof. His slogan: “Light is an art without limits, I hope one day to arrive at the end of the tunnel!”


Sebastien Petit

Sébastien, a graduate from the Inraci film school in Brussels, was first active as an electrician, cameraman, editor and assistant director. In 2004, he launched the Atelier Pelloche, which allows the production of short films with mentally handicapped adults. At the same time, he founded Boîte Noire where he could produce his first projects. In 2007, he returned to movie sets, mainly in advertising, first as an assistant director and then as a director. But he also shot two shorts, CHAOS in 2010 and BOWLING KILLERS in 2012. He’s been working on his first feature film, ELIOT, since 2017, produced by Patrick Quinet for Artemis Productions.