Masterclass – The Human Rights League

  • Wednesday 30 March 4pm – Cine 3

  • Free entrance

Masterclass LDH 2016Minority Reports: the representation of minorities in independent cinema

The meeting/confrontation with the ‘Other’, with what is unknown or mysterious, is a driving classical narrative style of fantastic and science-fiction cinema. This out of the ordinary curiosity, for what is different, raises the inevitable question how this difference is received and, more specifically, on the representation of minorities within independent cinema.

If aliens, mutants, monsters have a main role in many of these fictions, it is also worth mentioning how they represent actual minorities: blacks, handicapped people, foreigners, transgender, etc.
From “Children of Men” to “Toxic Avenger” without forgetting “Red Dawn”, “Shaft” and “Pink Flamingos”, what are the images, stereotypes and identities showed by independent cinema?
How are women represented in movies that are mostly directed by men?
And, more globally, if there is a so called “deviant” cinema, from what or who does it deviate?

The Human Rights League (HRL) invites you to debate this broad and fascinating subject with Yannick Hustache (Point Culture), Gauthier Keyaerts (cultural journalist and sound artist), David Morelli (LDH and cultural journalist), John Pitseys (Head of research at CRISP) and Didiers Stiers (journalist at Le Soir).

Moderator: Jean-Jacques Jespers (Professor at the ULB and former journalist at the RTBF)

This activity is part of the debate cycle “The Other: in uncharted lands” organized by the Human Rights League and Point Culture ULB.
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