Masterclass – Censorship

From Shakespeare’s plays to the present, with a detour through the 40’s and the notorious Hays-code (where it was forbidden to show pregnant women so the illusion that babies were delivered by storks wouldn’t be shattered… We’re not kidding!), censorship never seems to get out of fashion.

Motives and reasons have certainly evolved with time and changing morals, but culture has always had to deal with red lines that couldn’t be crossed. The rise of social networks and identity politics have made the already ambiguous notion of censorship even vaguer, which has made it all the more vulnerable for abuse. Is censorship about form or content? Does public funding limit the freedom of filmmakers to provoke and think outside the box? Does identity politics have an influence on the artistic creation process? And, finally, has self-censorship become an unconscious reflex in art creation, while an ever more polarizing society is steadily spinning out of control?


Well… beats us! That’s why we asked Jake West, director of “Doghouse” and expert on Video Nasties, Srdjan Spasojevic, director of the hyper-controversial “A Serbian Film”, Xavier Gens, who can tell us lots of anecdotes about the making of “Frontier(s)”, and Kamal Messaoudi, a true encyclopedia on all things media and popular cinema, to discuss this hot and divisive contemporary topic.

When ? August 31th 2022

What time ? 18:30 

Where ? Cine 3

Reservation Only

In English only