Masterclass 2019

MASTERCLASS – Apocalypse, mon chou
17.04 – 18:00 – Cine3 – FREE

So, we won’t deny the cold and hard truth: nobody cares about the climate. We don’t have the time to prune our chestnut tree because we have to drive our 4×4 gas-guzzler to the recycling center, before taking care of our compost heap situated next to the nuclear power plant. The result of all these efforts? We’re all going to die. In the light of this cynical individualism, the BIFFF sees an opportunity. As climate has become a generic term for all kinds of doom scripts, which would be the best ideas for apocalyptic films? Quickly, before we collectively devour our front yard!

Seasoned directors and scriptwriters will present their script ideas to the experts of the earth’s downfall to discover how close they got to the real hell that is awaiting us…



Raphaël Stevens is an independent researcher, has a Master’s degree in holistic science and is co-author of Une autre fin du monde est possible(Seuil, 2018), Petit Traité de résilience locale (Editions Charles-Léopold Mayer, 2015) and Comment tout peut s’effondrer (Seuil, 2015). 

Cédric Chevalier is sales engineer and holder of a Master’s degree in economic research. He presides the collective “Déclarons un Etat d’Urgence environnemental et social” and often contributes to Paul Jorion’s blog.

Théophile Lienhardt works in the scientific research and nutrition sector. He has a Master’s degree in research in marine biology and a Master’s degree in climatic and agronomic sciences. He’s also an active member in grass-root movements such as “Rise for Climate” and “Déclarons un Etat d’Urgence environmental et social“.

Fred Castadot is the chairman of the ASA (Association des Scénaristes de l’Audiovisuel) and is co-scriptwriter for the ENNEMI PUBLIC TV-series.

Laurent Brandenbourger is a Belgian scriptwriter and director. He wrote the scripts for DODE HOEK and LES BARONS.

Mathieu Reynaert is a Belgian scriptwriter, director and journalist. He’s the author of the scripts for A PERDRE LA RAISON and LES SURVIVANTS.

MASTERCLASS – Est-ce que tu BIS?
18.04 – 18:00 – Cine3 – FREE

Masterclass - BIFFF 2019 - Granger et Didelot
Masterclass - BIFFF 2019 - Granger et Didelot(2)

Damien Granger, ex-editor in chief of Mad Movies, and David Didelot, founder of Vidéotopsie, come to the BIFFF to chat about self-publishing, fanzines and the independent press. These two big B-movie fans will reveal their experiences in the independent press and, most of all, all the stuff that’s going on behind the scenes. On top of that, get ready for an avalanche of anecdotes about several cult B-movies!


MASTERCLASS – Fx & Animatronics
19.04 – 19:00 – Cine2 – 8€

For three decades, multiple Emmy-Award winning Steve Johnson has been transforming raw elements, cutting-edge technology, and pure thought into mind-boggling creations.

His company is responsible for the make-up effects in over two hundred films, countless television shows, commercials, and music videos. He’s blown the doors off audience’s expectations with unbelievable characters and FX in some of the most astounding and beloved films of our time. From the beauty and grace of the aliens from THE ABYSS to the zany antics of the ghosts from GHOSTBUSTERS. From the ground breaking robotics for Robin William’s BICENTENNIAL MAN to the alien seductress from SPECIES, to the multi-tentacled villain Doc Ock from SPIDERMAN II.

During his master class, Steve will share images and experiences of some of the greatest cult films ever made:

Ghostbusters – Abyss – Predator – Fright Night – An American werewolf in London – Spiderman 2 – Big trouble in little China – An nightmare on Elm street 4 – Species – The league of the extraordinary gentlemen – Dead Heat – Greystoke – Videodrome – Rosswell – Arachnid – Bicentiennal man

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