Masterclass 2014

Cine 3 – Free

Synthesis Workshop

From Star Wars 1977 to Star Wars 2015
A special effects workshop

Star Wars

Star Wars

Jean-Yves Arboit will conduct a 4h workshop with an exclusive appearance of Luc Longin from the studios of George Lucas and Peter Jackson, who’ll answer all your questions.

This workshop explains the stages leading to the production of a 100% CGI movie shot. For more than 20 years, Jean-Yves has shown at numerous educational sessions that special effects are an accessible, effective way to produce movies with artistic expression and has demonstrated how these tools can be used to give meaning to a picture.

Concrete examples from well known movies will illustrate each technique. A shot will be produced live with a green key and will be shown and discussed at the end of the workshop. This will prove that producing digital special effects is easy and accessible.

This first Synthesis Workshop will also have the honor to welcome an exceptional guest, Luc Longin, who will talk about his expertise acquired at the sfx studios of Georges Lucas and Peter Jackson. He will also answer your questions about the jobs and possibilities in digital special effects.

And the best of all? These talents are all from Belgium!

This workshop is organized by Synthesis, training and event network.
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  • 9th April from 2pm till 6pm

Human Rights League – 1984: Back to the present

logo ldhA rift seems to be open between the world of (science) fiction and our daily reality. More agonizing than Pacific Rim’s Kaiju’s, is the figure of Big Brother that came straight from the nightmarish world of George Orwell‘s 1984. In his wake, he took with him a cohort of Little Brothers driven by a dangerous obsession with security, fueled by fear of crisis, terrorists and migrants … Their high tech weapons are deadly for fundamental freedoms: biometric filing (Gattaca, Elysium) predictable justice (Minority Report), widespread surveillance of protesters (V for Vendetta, Adjustment Bureau, Brazil, Children of Men, Blade Runner…)

“1984 was a fictional story, not an instruction manual” a cyber activist recently said in a newspaper about privacy threats on the Internet. But the intrusive shadow of Big Brother largely goes beyond the web, as revealed by Edward Snowden’s highlighting of the clandestine PRISM mass surveillance program; a script worthy of the best Hollywood paranoia thrillers.

Is the power of new technologies going to transform our lives into the hell imagined by literature and cinema? Haven’t we learned from the warnings given by these dystopian novels and films? Has Big Brother won the game, 30 years after 1984?

The French speaking wing of the Human Rights League (LDH) invites you to debate this with: David Morelli (coordinator of the New Technologies Commission of the LDH), Didier Stiers (journalist for the French speaking daily Le Soir), Gauthier Keyaerts (cultural journalist and sound artist). Moderator : Jean- Jacques Jespers (ULB professor, former journalist RTBF)

  • 16th April from 4pm till 6pm

Jeunet’s Secret Elixir

Alien: Resurrection

Alien: Resurrection

Everybody knows the unique universe of Jean-Pierre Jeunet. The man is a true master of lyrical and dreamlike storytelling, having delighted us with pearls such as Delicatessen, The City of Lost Children or Amélie. Even his excursion to Hollywood did not affect his artistic integrity. Alien Resurrection has Jeunet’s touch all over it. But in a time dominated by fast food instant cultural consumption and a visual style that is reduced to a nervy, nauseating shaky shoulder camera, can you still take your time to make your spectators dream?

In this surrealist country, our answer is a loud and resounding YES! Come and witness how maestro Jeunet will let us discover his little trade secrets and go on a journey behind the scenes of his mythical worlds, with the complicity of Christophe Bourdon (UPCB). And he’ll damn well take all the time he needs!

  • 17th April from 4pm till 6pm

Once upon a time… A chameleon

Les Morsures de l'Aube

Les Morsures de l’Aube

Tonino Benacquista, the prolific writer of novels and comic strips, has seen a lot of his work adapted to the big screen: Love Bites by Antoine de Caunes, The Black Box by Richard Berry, L’Outremangeur by Thierry Bistini, Holy Money, by our Belgian friend Maxime Alexandre and, more recently, Malavita by our Knight of the Order of the Raven, Sir Luc Besson.

But the artist is like a chameleon. He scripts a novel by Françoise Sagan for Les Faux-Fuyants and co-writes Read My Lips with Jacques Audiard (César for Best Screenplay in 2002) He tries his hand at the theatre and dabbles with comic strip. After L’Outremangeur, he teams up in 2010 with his friend and colleague Daniel Pennac for the 74th adventure of Lucky Luke!

But how do you choose your format, a novel or a short story? How do you switch between the avalanche of words pouring out of a book and the conciseness of comic-strip text balloons ? So many traps that the man brilliantly manages to evade while multiplying various artistic experiences with the talent that we know.

So, if you’re also teeming with ideas without really knowing how to exploit them, then there’s a solution for you. Bring our notebooks to our Master Class with Tonino Benacquista. He’ll be accompanied by Michael Degree (UPCB), cultural editor of L’Avenir and a world class comic strip expert!

  • 19 April from 4pm till 6pm