Synthésis Workshop 2015, Georges Lucas, Pixar… and why not you?

Synthésis MasterclassThe masterclass Synthésis Workshop returns in 2015 with three themes: Georges Lucas, Pixar and… You.

Synthésis Workshop is an event that explains in an interactive manner what special effects are. Jean-Yves Arboit is the master of ceremonies. His explanation will this year be spread over two days.

The first day he’ll explain the different stages out of which a 100% digital effects shot consists. Step by step, from a blank paper to the finished product, Jean-Yves will demonstrate how easy, accessible and powerful these techniques are and how high their artistic potential really is. This masterclass will focus on the work of Georges Lucas and Pixar and will show you how it can inspire your own productions.

The second day consists of two parts. The first part will explain in a practical manner how you can make your movie with limited means and with software that’s accessible to everyone. The second part consists of an open forum focused on the projection of a completely digital sfx short feature and its “making off”. On the menu a Q&A about all the production stages of this movie. A film explained from A to Z!

As a bonus, one of Jean-Yves’ old students, who now works in the sector, will share his experience and will explain the first steps that lead from getting your degree to a career in the film industry

Finally, the Synthésis Workshop team will be present during the festival at the BIFFF “village” and will be at our disposal for council and support for your digital sfx scenes, whether it’s for a first movie or project, financed or not.

All these talents are labelled “made in Belgium”!

This workshop is organized by Synthésis, training and event network in collaboration with the BIFFF and “Les Cours des Métiers d’Art du Hainaut”
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  • Wednesday 8 April 2pm – 5pm
  • Thursday 9 April 2pm – 5pm
  • Cine 3
  • Free entry

Masterclass Indiegaming + Tournament Ceremony

IndiegamingTo complete the Gaming Madness Days, the BIFFF and The House Of Indie will organize an afternoon centred around indie games, followed by a ceremony to attribute the awards for the tournament winners.

What’s on the menu?
A premiere of the documentary Game Loading: Rise Of The indie. A movie about the indie gaming community in Europe and how that scene is becoming bigger and bigger.

This will be followed by a panel discussion with creators portrayed in the documentary. Do you dream of starting your own studio or are you just eager to learn how the industry works? Feel free to join the discussion and ask away!

Finally the award ceremony will take place for the different tournaments that took place during the Gaming Madness Days.

  • Tuesday 14 April 3pm – 6pm
  • Cine 3
  • Free entry

The Human Rights League presents
When the judge is no longer present

LDH Masterclass 2015How science-fiction cinema represents the judge

Justice has always been a big theme in the science-fiction universe, especially in movies about a dystopian future. Strangely enough, we hardly ever see a judge in these kinds of films. What does a society looks like when there are no judges? What happens when the judge is replaced by a computer or a robot? Or when the government chooses to outsource the legal system to a private contractor? Or even when society blindly trusts a technology that can prevent crime? Whether it’s about societies reverting to a more primitive state or driven by technological progress, science-fiction shows us a broad view of possible futures and questions our systems of justice.

From Judge Dredd to Minority Report, the Human Rights League will try to understand through film why future societies no longer see any use for judges. It’ll make us realize how fast things are already changing now and how our society isn’t that far removed from a dystopian vision of the world.
Host : Julien Pieret, assistant professor – Centre for Public Justice (ULB) and a member of the Human Rights League.

  • Friday 17 April 4pm-6pm
  • Cine 3
  • Free entry

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